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: I started tomatoes in 2X2 rockwool cubes.  After two days they
: germinated and I have to start transplanting.  I was going to put them
: into 4X4 cubes, but, do to cost am seeking other alternatives.  Should I
: go straight to slabs?  I don't want to transplant again.  Or should I go
: to the 4X4s and put them on slabs.  Any info. is appreciated.  As well
: as, any results you have had in growing this way. Thanks in advance.
:  E-Mail me :  mffowler at

Hello, Michael.

I've grown cucumbers from seed in 2x2 rockwool cubes for use in NFT
(nutrient film technique) cultivation as an undergraduate many moons
ago ... I used this method because the field station routinely pricked
seedlings out like this before transplanting to soil.

I compared growth under NFT vs. NFT+sand and I found that NFT alone
gave better growth.  I also found that plants grown in NFT+sand were
more suscepable to white-fly infestation.  I imagine that your
seedlings are quite large by the time you are considering transplanting
them but the great advantage of using rock-wool cubes is that you don't
disturb the roots when you transplant - you plant the cube ;-)

How are you going to transplant into 4x4 cubes without disturbing the

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