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Stovin Hayter stovin at
Thu Jan 21 18:20:43 EST 1993

This is a reply to Toby Murcott, who asked a week or so ago for info about
the use of transgenic technology to create new plants. Horticulture Week
magazine, of which I am the editor, recently published an article about a
company called David Austin Roses which has commissioned research from a UK
university (I forget which since I don't have it in front of me) to create new,
commercially interesting rose varieties.
	And next week (Jan 29) we will publish an article about a company 
called Southern Glasshouse Crops Ltd, a big chrysanthemum cut flower producer,
which has been bought out by the Japanese brewing company Kirin for the 
express purpose of combining Kirin's biotechnology expertise with Southern
Glasshouse's plant breeding knowledge. Interesting things should come of this.
	If you want to know more, I can e-mail you the text of both articles.
They are a bit long to include here. I can even let you have phone numbers for 
the companies, if you're interested.
	More tenuously, I read somewhere some time ago, New Scientist I think, 
about an Australian company (I think) which has set out to create a black rose
(something of a bizarre holy grail for a lot of rose breeders, for some reason)
using transgenic technology.
	I for one would be very intersted in seeing  a summary of whatever you
manage to get out of this investigation. Good luck

Stovin Hayter
stovin at

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