Seed germination for tropical plants

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In article <1993Jan25.141952.1094 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> abl9y at faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU (Andrew B. Lederman) writes:
>I recently acquired some tropical seeds (dwarf banana, bird of paradise,
>passion flower) and need some advice on how to get them started.  The problem 
>is that they require germination tempereatures between 80 - 90 degrees.
>How can I provide adequate temperatures and humidity etc. in my cold apartment?
>I figure I could make some sort of mini greenhouse with an aquarium, but I don't
>know the best way to keep the temperature up.

You can purchase heating pads from garden seed companies.  A cheaper alternative
is hog heating pads from farm suppliers, but that may not be an option in
your area.  I just payed $50 for two 36"*12" pads from Kane Manufacturing in
Des Moines, IA.  You also need a way to vary the temperature such as with
a dimmer switch for lights (another ~$15).

Many people just set seed trays on the pads.  This spring I plan to put my
trays in aluminum water pans which then sit on the mats.  I'm hoping for
better heat distribution and humidity with that scheme.

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