Taxonomists: charging into oblivion

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Mon Jan 25 22:06:43 EST 1993

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> Re: Charging fees for taxonomic services.
> Dammit be careful out there!!!
> Some years ago, the Botany Division of New Zealand's Division of
> Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) came to a similar conclusion,
> that the day of free taxonomic IDs was at an end.  Hence they began
> charging.
> From that day these guys were dead. ...

Sorry to hear about NZ taxonomy...  especially for a place with
so many fascinating species.

I'm the curator of an underfunded, underappreciated, and sometimes
overused, small herbarium.  I do IDs gratis, but I've been known
to drop hints to people who DO have $$$ that the herbarium could
use some label paper, or a new flora or ...

And yes, the people who need ID's take the hint about 50% of the time.

Kay Klier     Biology Dept  UNI

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