Venus-fly-trap help

Thu Jul 1 13:07:30 EST 1993

I have never seen any one, including myself, grow Venus-fly traps indoors.
However, I'm not sure why they wouldn't do well outside.  I know that there
are Venus-fly traps native to North Carolina.  The ones that I have seen 
growing outside, without any "cooking" were in north Florida about 30 miles
outside of Tallahassee.  These plants were in a bog-like environment, 
constant water running by them in sandy soil.  They never showed any signs
"cooking", wilting or photodamage in near 100 degree heat.  How I have seen them
around a house setting is in a pot filled with peat moss inside another larger
pot that was nearly filled to the top with water, this was outside.  This
way should simulate a bog environment and hopefully prevent any cooking from 
the heat.  Good Luck!
Aaron Rashotte
Graduate Student
University of Arizona

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