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Fri Jul 2 10:01:56 EST 1993

In article <38011 at> pedro at (P Aphalo) writes:
>R:FR is red to far-red photon ratio, which is sensed by plants through
>phytochrome, and affects morphology (stem length, chlorophyll content,
>root:shoot dry weight ratio, especific leaf area, etc.)
	Could you explain the relationship (or ratio) of R:FR to the
other mentioned effects?  (I'm just curious about the spectra that
causes more growth [area?] or even the shoots)
	I've read a few articles about artificial lights.  They say to
use flourescents for the blue? part of the spectrum and to use the 150watt
incandescent type bulb for the red, infrared, or far red? part of the

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