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To anyone interested in mushrooms & other macro-fungi:

The Northeast Foray, a 4-day gathering of fungus afictionados amateur
and professional, is happening August 12-15 in Southborough, Mass.

Dr. Donald Pfister of the Farlow Herbarium and Harvard University is chief
mycologist.  Other professionals & semi-pros in attendance will include
David Arora, Alan & Arlene Bissette, Jean Boise-Cargill, Roy Fatto,
James Ginns, Roy Halling, David Hibbard, Jeff Kibby, Gary Lincoff,
Sam Ristich, Walt Sturgeon, and Rod Tulloss.  (Ph.D. MA, etc., etc., etc.)

Come meet the people who wrote the books!

The foray is a collaborative effort of 16 Northeastern mycological societies.
The host club is the Boston Mycological Club.

We will have forays to many local sites, chosen for diverse (and we hope,
productive!) habitat, with both long and short walks.

There will be lectures (aimed at a variety of levels), professional
identification of the specimens found.

A grand mycogastronomic tasting of local specimens, prepared by some of the
best cooks in the region (:-).

Books, more books, jewelry, crafts, and art displays.

For more info, call or write:
    Jura Strimaitis
    70 Nason Rd.
    Swampscott, MA 01907

    (617) 593-4190

or send e-mail to geoff.steckel at

	geoff steckel (gwes at
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