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> One of my responsibilities is to manage/supervise our greenhouse facility.
> The day-to-day work is done by work-study students who have an interest in
> plants and plant science.

We have a similar routine here, but not all our work-studies are interested
in plants and plant science...  so "care" can be strange if the workers
aren't well supervised.  We're making a "how to water" video this summer
covering such basics as not washing out the soil, actually getting water
*to* the soil, etc...  You might also want to get some colored 12" stakes
or flags, and use them to mark plants that need particular attention (e.g.
don't water this one every day, even though all the others need to be watered),
or to flag plants that were underwatered by the crew members, so they
can see where their "mistakes" were.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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