Marijuana, prices?

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Mon Jul 12 19:47:14 EST 1993

tching at (Rice Cube) writes:

>In article <16C08124A8.PJERICKS at SUVM.SYR.EDU> an25513 at writes:
>>Relating to the price of marijuana here in the great U.S.A., does anyone know
>>the current prices by-the-pound?
>>Someone concerned about the well-being of another awesome plant.

>	pjericks at  That's not very anonymous.  But, $4.5k /lb
>sounds about right for average grade stuff.  (So I hear on American Detective)

The above does not exactly sound like biological research which is the
intent of the BIOSCI/bionet groups.  Please take this conversation to
other forums.  I'm also encouraged to see that, when California is in
the middle of such a budget crunch, our public servants are using
their time so productively.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager
                                (and a California taxpayer)

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