vine twining

Barb Gartner gartnerb at FRL.ORST.EDU
Tue Jul 13 08:13:05 EST 1993

I'm forwarding this to the net, as a continuation of our vine twining
discussion of last week.   Jean Gerrath
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Jean, could you please post this to the net if you think it would be
interesting?  I am not on the net, but I thought this was relevant.

Bob Ornduff made a presentation at the 1991 BSA meetings entitled
"Handedness" in twining tracheophytes (AJB 78: 208) in which he made
observations on over 350 taxa in 55 families.  He said 90% twine counter-
clockwise, but it isn't known why (and it isn't related to hemisphere).
Most contain either counter-clockwise or clockwise taxa, but not both, but a
few families contain both, and in some genera handedness is used as a
taxonomic character to separate species.

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