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>Mumble-mumble years ago, I came across a reference that suggested that
>seedlings treated with 1-triacontanol (melissyl alcohol) did better than
>untreated counterparts...  I've got some seedlings of some miserable- 
>looking Asclepias viridiflorus I've been using as a stand-in for A. 
>meadii... I'd like to keep the project going...
>Has anyone any more information on triacontanol and seedlings?  Specifically
>dosages?  They've had my best TLC, so it's either time to try something
>new or threaten them with the compost pile. ;-)
>Kay Klier   Biology Dept  UNI     klier at  

        The paper I came across about triacontanol was so amazing that I
kept the ref on-line, and since have added one more. They are
        1991 Plant Physiol. 95:986 - 998
        1993 Plant Physiol. 101: 49 - 55
These papers are both Reis et al. I hope they help. I am answering this
over the net in case others are interested in this compound.
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