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Wed Jul 14 10:01:43 EST 1993

To:  Interested Parties		Closing Date: Sept 7, 1993

From:Scott. Cunningham, Principal Investigator, DuPont.

Re: 	Search for VRS (Visiting Research Scientist)-
	Plant Physiologist(?):  Plant-metal interactions
	Length of appointment: up to 3 years.  
	Salary: commensurate with experience (yrs since Ph.D..)
	Location: Glasgow Site- Delaware, USA
	Starting:  Sept- Dec 1993 

Research Goals:

	We have little mechanistic data on plant physiological
processes and limiting steps in Pb accumulation, 
translocation, and tolerance in plants. Using certain metal-
accumulating plant species, that we have identified, as well 
as known and suspected hyperaccumlators (eg. Thlaspi sp), The 
VRS should undertake to: 

a) 	examine availability of soil- Pb for root uptake, 

b) 	examine the translocation of Pb from root to shoot, 

c) 	identify mechanisms of Pb detoxification in planta,

d) 	examine environmental alterations to increase (a-d) 

Send resume to:	Dr. Scott Cunningham
				DuPont, Glasgow Site-301
				PO Box 6101
				Newark, DE. 19714-6101   USA
				Phone: (302) 451-9940, 
				FAX    (302) 451-9138

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