nutmeg germination strategy?

Thu Jul 15 16:00:22 EST 1993

Help! I am examining nutmeg seeds (my contacts in Grenada call them "pods")
for unique enzymes. At present, my nutmegs are shipped to Philadelphia PA
from Grenada, but I worry that the time lapse between harvest and assay
(4 days minimum) and also the unknown perils of shipping (extremes of
temperature, etc.) have adversely affected the pods. I have reason to believe
that my best chance of finding the enzymes of interest will occur when the
seed germinates, but I have had no success in my efforts to coax the 
Grenada pods towards germination. I would be grateful for any suggestions
on how to improve the chances of recovering active enzymes from germinating
nutmeg pods. Thanks!

Karen Scott
kscott at

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