Jacqueline Bede bedejc at zoo.toronto.edu
Fri Jul 16 08:33:14 EST 1993

I have a great HPLC procedure to analyze the compound (sesquiterpenoid)
I'm interested in, my problem is the extraction procedure!
Or should I say trying to get rid of the junk by extracting without
losing too much of my sample. 
Presently, I'm extracting in petroleum ether which leaves the chlorophyll
behind but picks up the xanthophylls and carotenoids. I run this on a
mini-column made in a pasteur pipette containing BioSil A (200-400) to get
rid of the junk but my efficiency is only ~35% (yuch). 
So does anyone have any suggestions? 
I'm going to try different silica columns or alternatively can I just
inject my sample directly onto my HPLC silica column (after filtration, of
course) and then after a day's run wash with methylene chloride or will this
wreck my column.
I would appreciate any advice and I thank you in advance and will post
a synopsis.
Have a nice weekend

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