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Tobias Baskin baskin at BIOSCI.MBP.MISSOURI.EDU
Fri Jul 16 11:42:06 EST 1993

        I want to bring to everyone's notice a provocative bit of
correspondence in a recent Nature (vol 363, 17 June, page 578). Its from
Fred Sachs at SUNY Buffalo. He breaks down NIH research grant funds for
1991 by grants per person, showing how many got 1 grant, how many got 2,
and so on, and also showing what the average amount per grant was. The
surprising result is that there is a large positive correlation between the
number of grants per person and the average amount per grant. 15,263
persons had one grant averaging $192,000, while, at the top, 1 person had 9
grants, averaging $634,000. Sachs calculates that were the NIH to limit
investigators to no more than 2 grants, this would allow 4,000 more
aditional grants to be awarded to new independent investigators. 
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