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Mon Jul 19 17:52:58 EST 1993

Hi netters,

	I'm rewriting this letter because I think I wasn't explicit enough in
the first one. Actually I'm working in a project dealing with feeding behavior
of juvenile freshwater unionids. We have chosen 3 different algae 
(Chlorella, Nitzchia and Chrococcus (=Anacystis) ) that represent  the 
most familiar groups of freshwater phytoplancton: greens, browns and blue-
greens. So far the isolation and culture of the green and the brown one
happened without a hitch. The problem lies in the isolation and culture
of the blue-green. I have tried different culture media (Provazoli, Hidroponic,
WC, and Difco algae culture agar). I even experimented adding some
substances to that Difco media (citric acid, beef extract, yeast extract,
and fungicides. the last ones because of early mould colonization) or changing
some conditions (raising pH and temperature). So far we have had no 
success. Some plates have grown Aphanizomenon, but that blue green can't be
used because is a colonial one. We are after some kind of selective or
isolation media for Chrococcus, which is non colonial.	

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.
				Thanks in advance

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