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Eric Peterson (plant-bio 18 July) writes

>I am an Environmental Biology senior at CSU Humbloldt.  I am trying to specialize in Mycology and am especially interested in lichen ecology (beyond just the effects of polution).
>I will be getting my B.S. in about 2 years and will (hopefully) be going on to grad school somewhere.
>Any contacts would be greatly apreciated.

I am also interested in lichen biology.  Well I'd better be
interested in it as I am employed as a lichen ecophysiologist by the
Australian Antarctic Division.  I am somewhat of a novelty in the
southern hemisphere because of the relatively low level of interest
in cryptogams in this part of the world.

There are a few of us here working on some interesting adaptational
stuff, but by far the majority of lichen ecophysiological
publications are boreocentric.  So if you want to tell me where in
the world you are, Eric Peterson, I will point you in the direction
of somebody closer to you than Tasmania.

If anybody else is interested in discussing lichen biological
research, then I would be glad to participate, and to provide
overviews of some of our work on Terrestrial Antarctic Systems.

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