Calif. Oak Conservation Activities?

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Mon Jul 19 14:41:04 EST 1993

Does anyone know if there are forestry or conservation activities that take
place in California in the fall which attempt to plant newly developed acorns
(i.e., those which are ripe in the fall)?  I'd appreciate any information that
can be provided.  I am not trained in botany, but I have been studying native
California oaks and their habitats in the Pomona Valley for the past couple
of years.  A significant area of about 800 oaks is slated for development soon,
and I would like to do some harvesting from this area to do immediate replant-
ing in some other undeveloped areas.

Thank you again for your assistance.

George Goldsmith
Data Modeling & Systems Improvement
McDonnell Douglas Corporation

PS - If possible, please email to me at:

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