Grains, grasses, cereals consumed pre-agriculture in Black & Casian Seas region

Jacobs Kenneth jacobsk at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Jul 30 20:39:47 EST 1993

I am interested in finding out what seed/grain-yielding grasses would have been
available for human exploitation in the steppe/forest-steppe region NORTH of
the line running (roughly and irregularly) from the mouth of the Danube, through
the Caucasus, and then through the Aral Sea.  The time period would be latest
Plestocene (pre-10kya) and up the serious disruption of "natural" ecozones by
agro-pastoralist exploitation of these zones.  Publications by scholars from
the various Institutes in the former Soyuz are singularly mute about 
environmental context (with rare exceptions of the Dolukhanov variety).  Maybe

ThAnks  Ken			Ken

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