soil Electrical Conductivity -- measure of salinity?

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Wed Jun 9 16:23:12 EST 1993

Hello.  Can anyone explan what exactly the measure of "SOIL CONDUCTIVITY"
is?  I keep hearing about the unit E.C.,  This term seems to be used
frequently in hydroponics texts...and when I was talking to a man
about getting a huge amount of kelp delivered to our garden, he wanted
to make sure our salinity was not out of control, first.  What exactly
are the units?  Is it a logarithmic scale?

Is the EC an accurate measure of the ion solutes?  Will it be possible for
me to make some measurement of a soil solution's Ohmic conductivity, with
perhaps gold electrodes, with some known calculate E.C.?

Better yet,  does anyone know any publications that talk about this?

Thanks for your help.  Ever since a few beans started to wilt, despite their
moist soil I have been suspecting salt build-ups.


sean maschue
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