rain flattening prior to lodging

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>: In article <1993Jun18.093650.6503 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk writes:
>: >Does the repeated flattening and recovery of young crops by heavy rain
>: >and wind result in adaptation of the crop to mechanical stress?
>: There was a "celebrated" case of a piece of Arabidopsis work looking at
>: gene induction in response to some treatment or other (sorry, can't
>: remember the details). They saw a beautiful response - but then found they
>: got the same response if they lifted up the tray and shook it every day.
>: They had been inducing THIS response during their treatment.  It seems likely
>: that this is the first step in such an acclimative response.
>Hello, Robin.
>Can you tell us more about this 'incident' ?

I'm not Robin, but this sounds like Janet Braam's work on calmodulin-like
genes in A.t.  If I'm not mistaken (it will be a first) the work was
published in Cell about 4 years ago.  Janet probably reads this group
but was too polite to toot her own horn.  The genes were called _touch_,
or so my memory tells me, and responded to all kinds of mechanical
stimulation but not, alas, music.

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