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Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 05:52:25 EST 1993

Toby Bradshaw (toby at edu.washington.u.stein) wrote:
: [...]
: >Hello, Robin.
: >
: >Can you tell us more about this 'incident' ?

: I'm not Robin, but this sounds like Janet Braam's work on calmodulin-like
: genes in A.t.  If I'm not mistaken (it will be a first) the work was
: published in Cell about 4 years ago.  Janet probably reads this group
: but was too polite to toot her own horn.  The genes were called _touch_,
: or so my memory tells me, and responded to all kinds of mechanical
: stimulation but not, alas, music.

Thanks, Toby.

Janet has emailed me about the work, but I would like to broaden the
discussion here (rather than pursue it via email) because I think it is
a very interesting topic.

Bionet.plants is a discussion forum and I want to encourage the
development of discussions here about plant biology rather than just
use the group as a vehicle for making initial contacts that disappear
off into private email exchanges.

So, can you tell me how the _touch_ genes are expressed?

Re: response to music: apparently one rock group boasts that it's music
registered on the Richter scale at a seismology observatory during one
of their concerts in Germany - it depends what you call 'music' ;-)

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