Rainforest plant characteristics

Shaily Menon smenon at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jun 22 20:31:55 EST 1993

I'm looking for information about specific plant species found in south Indian
rainforests. I need to know if these species (listed below) germinate
preferably under high light intensities, and therefore in gaps, or in shady ;-)
conditions. If anyone has information about these particular species or knows
where I might find it in a hurry please send me e-mail at
smenon at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Shaily Menon
Genus               Species                  Family
Croton              reticulatus              Euphorbiaceae
Glochidion          ellipticum                 "
Actinodaphne        bourdillonii             Lauraceae
Cryptocarya         bourdillonii               "
Litsea              deccanensis                "
Loranthus           tomentosum               Loranthaceae
Erythrina           subumbrans               Pailionaceae
Chrysophyllum       lanceolatum              Sapotaceae

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