vine twining

Wed Jun 30 16:21:32 EST 1993

There is a section on circumnutation in one of the articles in Putz &
Holbrook's book "biology of vines".  It doesn't mention any handedness with
regard to twining.  I can't recall ever seeing anything specifically on this.

On a related topic, I've just come up from the greenhouse, and the count of
handedness on my cucumbers, peas, grapes, and other assorted tendril climbers
indicates that a 50/50 split on direction would be the best way to describe
handedness in tendril coiling.  I once tried to relate handedness in tendril
twining with phyllotactic spiral handedness.  The problem is that most vines
are dorsiventral.  Many have a distichous phyllotaxy, not a spiral one.
I also found out that the handedness of branches on the spiral ones could
change with no clear relationship to branch order.  Anyway, it helps to pass
the time.

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