What is Internet Gopher.

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Sun Mar 7 19:13:13 EST 1993

cherry at EDU.HARVARD.MGH.OPAL wrote:
: [...]
: I can add more information that was not specifically included in my
: original message. The hostnames of those sites providing a Gopher
: server related to plant biology is listed below. I try to keep this
: list current on the Gopher that I run--its called the Arabidopsis
: Research Companion.
: [...]

Thanks for posting this info, Mike - it is is a good example of the sort
of thing we can do with bionet.plants even if we can't all use Gopher!

Our news system has been chaotic recently as I try to use "cnews" to
expire articles for the first time (!).  Needless to say things did not
go exactly to plan, and I've been wondering if it was all worth the
effort ...

I've been doing my bit to spread the word about bionet.plants, but we
really do seem to have lost momentum don't we?

My own work is progressing steadily and, like others I suppose, I have
not really had time to spend posting interesting/provocative/whatever
articles here because I have been busy with 'real' work elsewhere.

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