Agricultural stubble burning - cereals, legumes, pasture grasses

HLEWIS at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA HLEWIS at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA
Wed Mar 17 17:37:54 EST 1993

'm not sure that this is the right group, but I am interested
obtaining information about on-farm uses of post-harvest burning
to remove cereal, legume and grass stubbles.  I am particularly
interested in dryland agricudltural practices in semi-arid
regions.  My interests also include research and government
legislation in addition to what is known about local practices.

Thanks in advance, Hank Lewis,
Department of Anthropology
University of Alberta

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A while ago someone mentioned that there was a newsgroup specifically for orchid
but I cannot find it. Does anyone know of it, or any other newsgroups with inter
in orchids and other "indoor" type flowering plants?


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