Teaching Plant Identification at Summer Camp

Paul Calento pcalento at bu.edu
Mon Mar 29 15:49:26 EST 1993

I will be serving as Ecology-Conservation Director at a Boy Scout Summer
Camp in Woronoco, Massachusetts this summer.

I am interested in methods of instructing flora identification to scouts
between the ages of twelve and fifteen (e.g. types of hands-on displays
and possible activities).

I am interested in the names and addresses of organizations which provide 
pamphlets at no or minimal charge.  I also welcome any ideas on ways to 
creatively introduce this subject to the scouts and increase their 
environmental awareness.

I apologize if this is the wrong group to make such a posting.

Any help will be appreciated

Paul Calento			"One good thing you can keep
pcalento at acs.bu.edu		 and still keep is your word"

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