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: [...]
: Dear Edwinna,
:              There was a small article in the New Scientist magazine
: that mentioned that Yucca plants can take nitrogen from some gasses
: in the air - from amines I think.  This allows the plant to survive 
: in poor soils.  In a domestic environment, these can act as natural 
: air fresheners, any some of the 'odours' that humans and pets give
: off that make a room stuffy or stale, are also amines.  The article 
: is at least a year old, and there may be a reference to a more technical
: article.

.... I heard, at a seminar a couple of weeks ago, that it would take
about 40% Yucca extract in a pig diet to reduce the level of ammonia in
the animal's gut to the levels claimed for commercial feed additives.

It seems that Yucca extract is a very popular product :-)

Does anyone know _how_ Yucca extract came to be used as a feed additive?

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