bionet.Chlamydomonas? (Was: advice on new newsgroup/list?)

Tony Travis ajt at
Sun May 2 17:27:36 EST 1993

sensen at de.embl-heidelberg wrote:
: In article <1993Apr30.091731.3416 at>, lebowitz at (Robert J. Lebowitz) writes:
: > I'm in favor of a new Chlamydomonas group... assuming of course they
: [...]

I agree with Jonathan's sentiments earlier on this thread that it is
good to see plant-related discussions emerging in the BIOSCI/bionet
arena, but I *wish* everyone was as keen to discuss science as they are
to discuss the creation of news groups ;-(

Don't be shy: use bionet.plants to discuss Chlamydomonas or anything
you like and split off a new group when everyone complains about the
discussions being dominated by one theme.


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