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>Greetings, I'm looking for some suggested books on chemotaxonomy.
>Something a little more current than the 1970's book I found.  
>Post here in case others are interested too.
>Thanks,  Robyn Klein


Try -
Crawford, D.J. 1990. Plant Molecular Systematics. John
Wiley & Sons. ISBN 0-471-80760-5

Soltis, PS, Soltis, DE, Doyle, JJ eds. 1992. Molecular 
Systematics of Plants.  Chapman & Hall. ISBN 0-412-02241-9

Hillis, DM & C. Moritz. eds. 1990. Molecular Systematics.
Sinauer. ISBN 0-87893-280-1

These three books are good places to start.  They will give you a
introduction to what systematists are doing with "chemicals" these days.
None discuss the non-semantides ( e.g. flavonoids)
the favorites of plant "chemical systematics" in the 1970's.  A good
summary of that era is provided in :
Ginannasi, DE & DJ Crawford. 1986. Biochemical systematics II. A reprise.
Evol. Biol. 20:25-248.

Of the three books listed above, only the first discusses proteins in 
detail.  Note that it is also already quite out of date for the topic
of DNA sequencing in systematics.  The second has good review articles
by many of the primary players in the plant world, while the third
provides a broader perspective,  "how-to" instructions and one of the best
introduction to methods of  phylogenetic analysis of molecular data
(by Swofford & Olsen).

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