seeking contact in Kyrgyzstan

Ann Chozinski chozinsa at
Tue May 4 09:26:28 EST 1993

Attempts to organize a plant collection trip near Kyrgyzstan are frustrated
by a six month postal turn-around time.  It takes six months to get letters
shuffled from the states to our destination and back.  We need to find a
contact person who would be willing to communicate in English our messages
to Dr. Bronislov Venglovsky in Bishkek, Kyrgystan.

If anyone has an idea on communication via this network to a site near
Bishkek, Kyrgystan, or knows of Dr. Bronislov Venglovsky please mail a
response to me.  He is the director of Forestry at the Institute of Biology
at the Kyrgyzstan Academy of Sciences in Bishkek.

HOw would I locate email addresses for the Institute?

HOpeful of a connection in Bishkek,

Annie  Chozinski
chozinsa at
chozinsa at


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