protection proteins

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Wed May 5 17:55:19 EST 1993

In article <42DA98CF09DF00AA8A at USPFSC.IFQSC.USP.ANSP.BR>, RODRIGO at IFQSC.USP.ANSP.BR (Rodrigo Neves Romcy Pereira) writes:
> Please, I'd like to know what's known, up to now, about
> the defense system of plants. Is there proteins others than proteases
> involved in this response?
>   I would be gratefull for comments...
> Rodrigo Neves
> Univ.of Sao Paulo - Brazil
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  In incompatible pathogenesis (hypersensitive pathogenesis) there are
  direct defence enzymes - hydrolases such as chitinases and glucanases.
  Then there are enzymes which catalyse the production of various 
  metabolites participating in resistance (phytoalexins, ethylene, etc.).
  All these enzymes are induced by the pathogen itself.


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