Marc Albert malbo at INSECT.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed May 5 11:22:44 EST 1993

Hello !

        I have recently been made aware of this list, and am eager to see what it's all about.

        My name is Marc Albert,  I am  finishing my first year as a graduate student here at UC Berkeley in the  Plant Biology Dept.   I will soon, however, be transferring to the Integrative Biology Department.

        This year I have worked on selenium volitilization from  broccoli plants as well as my current research on stomatal frequency changes in plants grown under 2x ambient CO2.  This summer I will begin a presumably longer project on the introgression and demography of a hybrid srain of Carpobrotus ('ice plant ,' easily seen next to nearly every highway I see around here).

              So, I look foreward to the "botanical conversations ranging from the herbalistic to the molecular"  as this list was described to me.

        enjoy the FULL MOON                     -marc-       

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