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Thu May 6 17:17:45 EST 1993

In article <1s748h$s98 at> al401 at (David R. Smith) writes:
> I am looking for current reforestation figures on timber
> industry data.  For USFS I have anywhere from 2 to 5 million
> acres in arrears with regard to tree planting in logged
> areas, with a rate in 1989 of 500,000 acres plants versus
> 4 million logged.
> Also interested in Canadian figures for three provinces with
> largest timber industry, BC, Ont, Quebec.  For example I
> have 1990 in BC 580,000 acres logged, 250,000 replanted, etc.
> I am especially interested in comparing acres harvested
> with acres reforested for US, Canada, and European countries
> with large timber production (Scandinavia, etc.).
> thanks
> David

May I ask, "What is your point?" Don't forget that a good proportion of  
reforestation is by natural means. We aren't talking all corn fields here, I  
don't think.

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