population differences in outcrossing rates of angiosperms

naoki takebayashi ntakebay at silver.ucs.indiana.edu
Wed May 5 22:14:20 EST 1993

I'm interested in relationships between inbreeding depression and the
evolution of breeding system in angiosperms. I'm looking for plant
species that I can use for my experiment. The requirement for the
species is that outcrossing rates are highly different among different
 populations of same species or among related species. I mean one
population highly selfs and another population highly outcrosses. This
outcrossing rate should be genetically determined. If you know such
species, please let me know. Furthermore, if you can tell me the
literatures concerning about this, I will appreiate it. I have the second
question. Does anybody know the flowering seasons of Clarkia
tembloriensis and Gilia achilleifolia? If you know populations of either
species growing around your house, please let me know the sizes and
locations of the populations.
I appreciate any kinds of informations.
Thank you.

Naoki Takebayashi

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