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>> Please, I'd like to know what's known, up to now, about
>> the defense system of plants. Is there proteins others than proteases
>> involved in this response?
>>   I would be gratefull for comments...

There are also carbohydrate binding proteins called lectins that have been
implicated in plant defense.  They are very common and many are toxic to 
various organisms including mammals, birds, insects and fungi.

A couple of starting references are:
Plant Lectins: Molecular & Biological Aspects" in Ann. Rev. Plant. Physiol.
	1985. 36:209-34 by Marilynn E. Etzler
 Moreira R de A; Ainouz IL; De Oliveira JT; Cavada BS.
      Plant lectins, chemical and biological aspects.
    Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 1991, 86 Suppl 2:211-8.
 Chrispeels MJ; Raikhel NV.
      Lectins, lectin genes, and their role in plant defense.
    Plant Cell, 1991 Jan, 3(1):1-9.

Hope this helps.

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