Effect of N-level on plant structure

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon May 17 07:27:17 EST 1993

Thorben Lundsgaard (KVLXTL at DK.UNI-C.VM) wrote:
: Do anybody know about some published work on the effect of the level of
: N fertilizer on the (anatomical) structure of monocots ?

The general area of growth regulators and N application is reviewed by
Naylor, Stokes & Matthews(1987).  I've also read an interesting paper
about the mechanical properties of wheat stalks by Jacek Gowin that is
relevant to your question.  The effect of N application on plant
structure in barley is discussed by White (1991) and Walker & Matthews

I'd be interested to know about other relevant papers - please post to
a summary to the group - thanks.


Naylor, R.E.L, Stokes, D.T. and Matthews, S. (1987) Chemical
manipulation of growth and development in winter barley production
systems, Field Crop Abstracts, 40, 277-289.

Gowin, J., Koper, R. and Kurzyp, T. (1991) Determination of the
influence of nitrogen fertilizer doses on the physical and mechanical
properties of wheat stalks, Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk
Rolniczych, 389, 61-67. (english translation)

White, E.M. (1991) Response of winter barley cultivars to nitrogen and
a plant growth regulator in relation to lodging, Journal of
Agricultural Science, Cambridge, 116, 191-200.

Walker, K.C. & Matthews, S. (1991) Effect of autumn nitrogen on the
growth and yield of winter barley in nthe north of Scotland, Journal of
Agricultural Science, Cambridge, 117, 279-285.

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