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To whom it may concern;

        I am seeking opportunities for paid or subsistence work in sustainable 
agriculture, preferably within an indigenous/intentional-community or other
non-market context.
        I am currently working with Stranger's Hill organic farm near 
Bloomington, Indiana, and will be there over this coming summer learning 
small-scale growing and distribution methods such as Community Supported 
Agriculture. I would like to use my background in the life sciences in
support of peoples' efforts to feed their communities in economically  
self-reliant and ecologically sustainable  ways. 
        I enjoy my work at the farm and I hope that you or someone you know 
will find my experience valuable. My stay there will be over by October of '93 
and I would much appreciate hearing from you by then. 

Richard Taylor
rijtaylo at


>In article <1993May25.215541.2128 at> matta at (Matt Alexander) writes:
>>In article <C7Hzvr.5Et at> brian at writes:
>>>Who pays for the Stranger's Hill farm?  Is the US government paying for this
>>>experiment in petit socialism?

>>Er, color me befuddled, but does anyone know what this
man is trying 
>>to say?
>>--- Matt Alexander

> Well, it's nice to know that I am not the only person here that's
>confused.  >
>        Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Well, _I_ understood it really that hard to see? Of
course, you COULD ask if it's germane....but now that he mentions,
I WOULD be curious to know if Stranger's Hill is a government
project or if it privately funded. It's a taxpayer thing.....

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