planting acorns

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri May 28 10:06:32 EST 1993

ShawAM at ca.nrc.lan.imb wrote:
:     Can anyone tell me the best way to make an acorn germinate?.  I have a 
: friend who has made many unsuccessful attempts at growing an oak tree.  
: He has tried growing acorns in small pots indoors as well as in his backyard, 
: but none have germinated, even in the rich soil of Prince Edward Island.  He 
: has been successful with several other types of trees, but his acorns remain 
: a great source of frustration.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be 
: appreciated.

Plant them the right way up (!).

I'm not kidding, actually: I was told this by an arboriculturalist but
(blush) I regret to say I've forgotten which is the right way up :-)

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