acorn germination

pearlste at pearlste at
Fri May 28 08:16:52 EST 1993

According to Hartman&Kester in Plant_Propagation, acorns differ in their
germination requirements.  Those in the white oak group (acorns mature in
the first year) germinate easily if planted promptly.  Those in the black
oak group (acorns mature in the second year) have embryo dormancy, requiring
cold treatment for germination.  Either store the fresh acorns in damp sand
at 0-2 C, or plant in the fall.  Other potential problems include weevils
(kill by soaking acorns 30 minutes in water at 49 C) or viability loss due
to improper storage.  The recommended storage is cool and moist, or dry at
0 to 2 C.  

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