need contacts in Sustainable Agriculture

Crafty rijtaylo at
Thu May 27 21:22:49 EST 1993

In article <1993May27.171700.27569 at> ajt at writes:
>It constantly amazes me that people think of the government as someone
>who 'pays' for things:  we, the taxpayers fund scientific research and
>it is our money that pays for things like the farm in question.

	I have corresponded with the person who made the original post
and requested that he direct his remarks and questions about the farm
to me via private email. All I did was post a call for information,
without intent to instigate a flame war. 

	To my knowledge, nobody on the net but me has the information to
intelligently discuss the Stranger's Hill farm and I am ready to see
this thread die.

	On another note; Thanks to all who have posted serious
replies. I appreciate them.


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