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Tony Travis ajt at
Fri May 28 09:39:46 EST 1993

Tom Michaels (TMICHAEL at CA.UOGUELPH.CROP) wrote:
: Have any of you used network conferences such as this one in
: undergraduate courses?
: I am looking for ideas on how to expose my undergraduate plant
: science students to the Internet and to the exchanges contained
: in conferences such as this.  I have successfully use on-campus
: conferences in my classes in the past, and once conducted a
: conference between classes at different Universities, but I have
: never had them access the broader community represented here.

I think this is great, Tom.

One snag is that it takes a while for messages to propagate and the
time differences between geographically distant sites make it difficult
to imagine a 'class' situation, but I can see the virtue in putting out
assertions/questions one day and reviewing the responses after a few

One thing I would ask is that you summarise email responses to the net
because some of the most interesting discussions drift off into private
email exchanges between the main proponents.  I'm as guilty as anyone
else about this, but I make an effort to followup rather than reply.

I suggest a good dose of Dave and Una's FAQ's as printed handouts
before letting them loose on bionet though ;-)

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