using network conferences

Ricardo J Salvador rjsalvad at
Sun May 30 18:50:32 EST 1993

In article <CSNET_MQ-101.930527110137.480 at> TMICHAEL at CROP.UOGUELPH.CA ("Tom Michaels") writes:
>Have any of you used network conferences such as this one in
>undergraduate courses?
>I am looking for ideas on how to expose my undergraduate plant
>science students to the Internet and to the exchanges contained
>in conferences such as this.


We've attempted to use this in several different classes here. You may
find one of our most recent experiences documented in:  Sustainable
Agriculture Course Delivered Nationally Via Satellite (1993) J. Natural
Resources & Life Sciences Education 22:11-21.  In brief, we attempted
to use the Internet to provide for interactivity among a geographically
diverse group of 11 universities participating in a single course. The
major lesson learned by us is that a great deal of the success of such
a mechanism will be dependent on the familarity of the instructors at
each participating site with telecommunications and computing, and their
willingness to assist their students in getting started with the same.
In our experience, using telecommunication for educational purposes is
a more difficult proposition among agriculturists than it might be
among engineers or computer scientists.


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