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Mon Nov 1 08:42:10 EST 1993

RE: evening primrose 

	Sandy Clarke <casclark at atlas.cs.upei.ca> wrote:
>		I am looking for information on growing Evening Primrose
>(oenothera biennis ) for the pharmaceutical industry.

	Conrad Richter wrote:
>I am not aware of any reference with technical details on growing evening 
>primrose as a crop for the pharmaceutical industry; however, as a supplier 
>of seeds I can offer the following comments. 

>Evening primrose is a commercial crop in southern Ontario where several 
>strains have been developed.  The most common seems to be 'EP 10' which   

Several references on production of evening primrose are available.  The
one most useful as a guide for producers in northeastern North America is:

Sheidow, NW, and Roy, RC. 1990. Evening Primrose. Ontario Ministry of
Agriculture and Food. Factsheet. AGDEX 147/20.

'EP 10' is one of a number of lines selected by researchers at the Delhi
Research Station of Agriculture Canada.  Other lines with superior
characteristics have been selected but cultivars have not yet been licensed
for commercial release.

R. Reeleder
Agriculture Canada
reeleder at onrsde.agr.ca

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