Structural genes in telomers?!?

Lynn S Dahleen dahleen at
Wed Nov 3 14:43:01 EST 1993

To All,

	I have recently obtained an RFLP probe which I believe is part of
the coding region of a structural gene.  When I mapped this RFLP, I found
that it mapped 5.5 centimorgans distal to a previously described telomeric
marker.  There is also one other known structural gene that cosegregates
with the telomeric marker.  Consequently, I was wondering how common it is
to find structural genes within the telomeric (sub-telomeric?) region
of plant (or other) chromosomes.  Any help in learning more about the
organization of telomeric regions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
                                          Dave Horvath
                                          Fargo ND
                                          Dahleen at

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