Looking for addresses of J. Rifkin and Michael Fox...

Sertac ONDE SERTAC at vm.cc.metu.edu.tr
Thu Nov 4 04:43:26 EST 1993

Dear netters,
Here in Middle East Technical University, Biology Department, I am
teaching a course titled "Transgenic Plant Technology" to graduate
students. After the starting of the TV program in BBC World Television
titled "Cracking the Code" I came across with the names of two leading
figures who were apperantly against the development of transgenic

To be able to tell the students the two sides of the story, I have already
allocate lectures on the Ethics of Gene Transfer and the Environmental
Concerns. However, it is not easy to find relative papers regarding this
side of the story. This is the reason for my search of the addresses of
the following persons:
Michael Fox of "The Humane Society of the U.S."
Jeremy Rifkin of " Foundation on Economic Trends" Washington (possibly D.C.)

I would be very happy if any one can supply me any of these adresses
With my best regards,
Dr. Sertac Onde
M.E.T.U. Biology Dept.
Ankara, Turkey.

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