Toxicity of Ornamental Plants

Shaharin Shaharin
Thu Nov 4 19:46:10 EST 1993

In article <czsCFvHrJ.Iro at> czs at (Christian Smith) writes:
>Anyone know a source of info on the toxicity of ornamentals, e.g. if my
>son ingests some what are the ramifications?
>                    Thanks,
>                    Christian Smith

It depends on which ornamentals you have.  Dieffenbachia sp. are for example 
only slightly toxic, with an anaesthetic effect.  Oleander spp. are 
exceedingly poisonous, and one leave will apparently drop an adult.  There are 
various popular books around about the toxicity of plants, at least in 
Australia.  Have a look around.

Still, It might be a good idea to get the scientific names of the plants for 
more specific responses.


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