Request for Information: Rotting Straw Inhibits Algae Growth

Brian Lewis Brian.M.Lewis at
Sun Nov 14 17:26:39 EST 1993

Reference:  Author:  Bird, J
                   Title:  How Straw in the Pond Keeps Algal Slime at Bay
                   Source:  New Scientist, 1991, Vol 130, Iss 1764, pp

This article VERY briefly describes the observation of Pip
Barrett at Aquatic Weeds Research
Unit at Reading@UK, in which rotting straw placed in a farmer's small pond
caused algae to
virtually disappear.  Barrett's conclusion was that a natural algicide,
produced by the straw,
killed the algae -- not rotifers or leaching pesticide.

I have not been able to find any other sources of information regarding
this research.

If you are aware of any additional information pertaining to this
observation (e.g., journal references, related papers, duplication,
etc.), please contact me at the address listed below.

Please email your responses to:  Brian.M.Lewis at

Thank You.

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