Maximum biomass yields

Thomas Bjorkman Thomas_Bjorkman at
Mon Nov 15 15:55:30 EST 1993

In article <MARDER.66.000EE9C9 at> Jonathan B. Marder,
MARDER at writes:
>  We are interested in measurements of photosynthetic productivity
>biomass per sq. metre per day.  This can be for cultured or natural
>If you are aware of such measurements/calculations, please inform
me (you may
>post here).   I am mainly interested in recent references.

This isn't that recent, but I think it's a record:    138g biomass
per sq. meter per day!

This was for wheat given optimal everything.  They used 20h
daylength, more than full sunlight and 2000 plants per square meter.

Bugbee, B. and F.A. Salisbury. 1988. Plant Physiol. 88: 869.

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