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Forage Colleagues:

The following is information I received from Jeff Steiner on an  
international Lotus Symposium.


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The First International Lotus Symposium
March 22-24, 1994
Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis, Missouri

Species of Lotus are widely distributed throughout the world and  
commercially important in Europe, South America, India, Australia,  
New Zealand, and North America.  Broadleaf birdsfoot trefoil, L.  
corniculatus, is the 3rd or 4th most commonly used forage legume in  
managed pasture systems.  Other species of Lotus, like L. tenuis and  
L uliginosus, have commercial importance, but the use of L.  
corniculatus is greater, so it dominates the research literature.   
The value and information on the other annual and perennial Lotus  
species are obscured by the relative importance of the commercialized  
species.  Many of the minor Lotus species contribute to the ecology  
and herbage production in their native environment, but information  
about them is limited.

The purpose of this two and one half day Symposium is to bring  
together the international body of Lotus researchers to exchange and  
discuss current perspectives in Lotus spp. research.

Registration information (name, address, phone) and fee ($220) may be  
sent to:

First International Lotus Symposium
348 Hearnes Center
 Columbia, MO 65211

or faxed to 314-882-1953.

You may phone for information at 314-882-4038.

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